NBMA Founded in 1999

NBMA founded with 7 people include the Founder Jack.

The first NBMA Patent Mask Launched  in 2002

We received our first orders from overseas.

Became a famous face mask brand in 2006

Having the honored of the excellent face mask company.

Moving to the new factory in 2007

Moved to a new factory, and set up a customer after-sales department, paying more attention to the service concept.

Made in China manufacturer award winner in 2011

We were named Best in Class Midsize Company in the 2011 Made in China Manufacturing Awards!  NBMA is proud of manufacturing in China.

NBMA is expanding exports in 2015

Demonstrating its own leadership in innovation among face mask manufacturers, NBMA has been awarded numerous patents for materials and design.  Zhejiang governor saluted NBMA with an award for its export operations.

Today, To be the best face mask manufacturer

NBMA will be the best face mask manufacturer soon in China.

NBMA Innovations

NBMA has engineered quality & manufacturing reliability in over 60 countries with over 100 items.

NBMA is the name for company and brand, a professional mask maker in China. “NB” means NBMA is glad to cooperated with friends all over the world.”MA” means the courage and power to win the market.NBMA is honored as Chinese “Perfect Contract Credit” corporation, Zhejiang Contract Credit AAA Grade gainer, Zhejiang Famous brand products – Famous brand enterprise, and Zhejiang Hi-Tech enterprise.

NBMA is located in Ningbo Zhejiang, a beautiful town in the south. NBMA was established in 1997, and now possesses of 20000M2 modern factory plant.NBMA holds 13 senior engineers and more than 300 sets of mask making machines.Recently NBMA has developed new auto-matic production lines with 60 machines, and applied for copyrights. All these make the annual capacity of dust mask/ respirators as 200 million pieces, and brought NBMA to be the leader of mask industry. Products are classified as over 100 items,and exported to USA,Canada,South Africa,Australia,Europe,Japan,Korea, Malaysia,Singapore,Russia,Hongkong,Taiwan,etc over 60 countries and areas.

Based on the national standard LD29-2006、GB/T2626-2006、 GB2828-87、GB2829-87 and combined with the different standards in different countries, NBMA masks are developed and manufactured to fit different people with various faces from all over the world.

NBMA is certified with ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System. The products meet Europe Standard EN149:2001+A1:2009 with FFP1 NR/ FFP2 NR/ FFP3 NR grades, Australia standard AS/NZS1716:2003 and American standard NlOSH N95/ N99, FDA(510K), Japanese standard DS-2.

NBMA use polypropylene as main material,without any toxic,irritating,stimulant,or glass fiber.Personalized design, hi-standard purchasing of raw material, well organized manufacture, hi quality finished products, multiple types of style, multiple international standards, bring NBMA to global market. NBMA mask has the characteristics of soft and plump,high filtration,anti- low toxic, anti-virus, breathe freely,hygiene, comfort,good looking, convenience, safety, handsome,etc.

NBMA masks have multiple styles, broad uses, good adaptability, that can be used for various faces and various ages people all over the world.

NBMA Mask, Health Protector!

NBMA Family

Since 1999, NBMA has been a company built on quality, innovation, & customization.
Over the years we’ve created a family that delivers all this and more. Meet the family behind it all.

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